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About Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC

Our law firm is dedicated to filing U.S. immigration petitions and applications in a streamlined and comprehensive manner. We strive to ensure that you can meet your ideal filing timeline while having access to detailed and cost-effective legal advice throughout your immigration journey.


We also develop arguments for waivers and exceptions to overcome various immigration restrictions. Advocating for our clients in the face of administrative delay is at the core of our vision.

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What services do we offer?

Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC offers a wide variety of immigration law services that can be customized to meet the requirements of your case.

I-485 Adjustment of Status

Our comprehensive I-485 preparation service can help facilitate a swift path to lawful permanent residency. We assist with all aspects of your green card application process.

Immigrant Visa Processing

From the DS-260 application and gathering of your supporting materials to the preparations for your consular interview, we offer a full scope Immigrant Visa Processing service. 


If you are subject to an ongoing travel ban, the 212(e) two-year home residency requirement, or other admissibility restriction, we can help in developing a waiver or exception on your behalf.


As your journey to becoming a U.S. citizen draws to a close, our service is designed to simplify the N-400 process and streamline your application for citizenship. 

Requests for Evidence

If you have received a Request for Evidence from the USCIS for your I-485 application, our  response service can help get your application back on track. 

Family Based Petitions

Our personalized I-130 petition preparation service is designed to assist you in building a strong foundation for the immigration of your eligible family members. 

Why should you choose Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC for your immigration law needs?

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Innovative & Personalized

We understand that each immigration journey is unique, and we cater our services to your needs accordingly. At Filip Kobylecki Law PLC, your attorney will assist with and supervise all aspects of your case. This ongoing partnership will ensure that every key decision, follow up, and strategy prepared for your case is treated with the care, insight, and personalization you deserve. 

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Experience & Expertise

As a University of Michigan Law School graduate and a skilled immigration law practitioner, Filip Kobylecki has the expertise required to navigate your case through a complex immigration environment. During his career as an immigration attorney, he has helped hundreds of clients successfully obtain admission to the U.S. or maintain lawful stay, many of whom required a waiver or exception to a travel ban.

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Digital Convenience

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, our firm's digital approach means that we are ready to assist you with your immigration legal needs regardless of where you are located. Whether you are pursuing an exciting professional opportunity or seeking assistance to re-unite with family in the U.S., our online approach means that you can contact us, upload documents, and pay fees with the push of a button. 

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