Discover how Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC can provide high quality legal consultations throughout your immigration journey.

What is a legal consultation?

We understand that the immigration process in the United States can be complex, bureaucratic, and difficult to navigate. A legal consultation is designed to give you flexibility in choosing your ideal legal service, whether you have any questions regarding your plans to enter the United States, your stay in the country, or even if you have a few queries that you would like answered prior to submitting an application.

A formal legal consultation involves establishing an attorney-client relationship focused around a limited set of matters. It can provide you with detailed guidance and advice on a specific set of matters without the cost of retaining a full-time attorney or the uncertainty that comes with filing on your own. 

What does our legal consultation service include?

Our consultation service is designed with a focus on client care and satisfaction. Our office will first evaluate the legal matter you would like to discuss before determining whether or not it is suitable for a limited scope consultation. Once this evaluation has been completed, we will promptly research the legal issues in your case and schedule a consultation call at your convenience. 

Our service includes:

  • A client welcome packet

  • A consultation call with an attorney regarding your legal questions

  • Follow up correspondence regarding your questions and formally stating our advice

We also offer bundled consultation services at a per hour discount, so please do not hesitate to reach out if your legal needs require multiple consultations, rather than a full service approach. Our goal is to help you in your immigration journey, not to overcharge or bill you for unproductive time. 

Why should you choose Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC for this service?

Our flexible approach to the traditional legal consultation gives the control of limited scope legal services back to you. We are here to assist with your immigration legal needs, even if they only involve a few questions or issues you would like to address. ​Our office fully screens, researches, and prepares for each consultation, ensuring your questions are answered promptly and accurately.

Furthermore, our follow-up correspondence will ensure that you have access to the advice provided during your consultation at any time, in addition to any resources or action items that our office recommends depending on your situation. If you are looking for case-specific, personalized, and professional advice on your immigration process, look no further than our consultation service. 

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