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Discover how Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC can assist with your family based immigration process.

What is the I-130, Petition for a Relative

The first step in any family based immigration process is the filing of the Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. The form is used to petition for the immigration of a spouse, child, or parent. It can be completed by a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen and is required in order to file a Form I-485 or DS-260 to obtain a green card for your relative. 

The I-130 requires a petitioner (U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident) to prove their relationship to a qualified beneficiary. This can be done by presenting evidence such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, photos, and other supporting documentation to demonstrate that a bona fide spousal, parent-child, or sibling relationship exists between the petitioner and the beneficiary (intending immigrant). 

The I-130 petition, once filed, does not grant any immigration status to the beneficiary. However, in certain cases the I-130 petition can be filed together with an application for adjustment of status (I-485), ensuring that the intending immigrant has lawful stay in the United States. 

What does our Family Based Petition Service include? 

We provide assistance with the planning, preparation, and filing of your family based immigration petition. From the detailed construction and submission of your I-130 petition to providing dedicated support throughout your processing period, our office is here to diligently support your family based immigration process.

Our full service offering includes:

  • A client welcome packet and personalized filing plan

  • Thorough preparation, review, and filing of your materials to the USCIS

  • Attorney consultations throughout your application process

  • Responses to any RFEs or challenges issued in your case

  • Detailed assistance to help you prepare for any interview appointment

Our family based immigration service helps you to file your case comprehensively and accurately, allowing you to focus on reuniting with your family. 

Why should you choose Filip Kobylecki Law, PLC for this service?

Our personalized approach to your I-130 petition is designed to ensure a streamlined preparation process while being mindful of the nuances of your case as well as any changes in USCIS policy or procedure.


As you petition for the immigration of your family member, our office provides:

  • Diligent preparation services

  • Consistent supervision during the filing and processing of your case

  • Continuous support throughout the petition process

Whether you are only seeking assistance with your I-130 petition or would like to retain an attorney for the entire family based immigration process, we are happy to work with you on a plan customized to your goals and legal needs. Our focus on family based immigration petitions ensures that your case will be prepared, filed, and supervised with accuracy.

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