• Filip Kobylecki

No Ban Act Passed in the House of Representatives

U.S. Courthouse

H.R. 2214, otherwise known as the No Ban Act, passed in the House of Representatives on July 22, 2020 by a vote of 233 to 183. This bill, proposed in early 2019 by Representative Judy Chu of California, would limit the discretion of the Executive Branch to pass orders limiting immigration on the basis of religion and would provide for additional congressional oversight of any such bans passed in the future. Though this bill is unlikely to gain any traction in the Senate, it is a symbolic victory for the opponents of the ongoing travel bans, which were imposed for a variety of reasons including threats to national security and to protect the American workforce. In the event of a Biden victory in the upcoming Presidential election, such congressional protections from future, unilateral travel bans are likely, in addition to a variety of other immigration reforms. Please see the following Vox article for more information and watch this space for additional legislative updates in the coming months.