• Filip Kobylecki

USCIS Furloughs Cancelled

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To follow up on our July 27 post announcing that USCIS furloughs of 13,000 employees have been postponed, we are happy to relay the news that these furloughs have now been officially cancelled. In the following release by the USCIS, the agency announced that the furloughs have been cancelled due to "unprecedented spending cuts and a steady increase in daily incoming revenue and receipts." These cuts are primarily anticipated to impact processing times, namely increasing "adjudication time for individuals adjusting status or naturalizing." This news brings relief as slashing the USCIS workforce by 70% would have effectively ground application processing and other key immigration services to a halt. However, as stressed in the USCIS release, additional Congressional support is needed, though funding of the key immigration agency in the United States does not appear to be a Congressional priority as the November election draws closer.