• Filip Kobylecki

USCIS Reverts to Previous Naturalization Civics Test

The USCIS has announced that it is reverting to the 2008 version of the naturalization civics test, beginning March 1, 2021. This is good news for N-400 applicants, as the 2008 civics exam contains fewer questions and removes many poorly worded and phrased queries that are reported to have given applicants trouble at their interview appointments. The USCIS will provide current applicants with the opportunity to take the 2008 or 2020 test during this transition period, with the 2020 test being phased out completely on April 19, 2021. For more information regarding this update, please see the USCIS update found here.

One note to consider from this policy shift is that the USCIS explicitly referenced the Biden Administration's Executive Order directing a comprehensive review the immigration and naturalization process in making this decision. This is a positive sign for changes to come, with controversial policies such as the new public charge rule or the lengthy delays in the employment based immigration process potentially being next on the list of internal USCIS reforms. Please feel contact our office for more information regarding these changes to the citizenship test or any new USCIS policy updates, we are happy to assist!