We offer unique immigration service plans catered to your needs and goals. 

What We Offer

I-485 Adjustment of Status

We provide a comprehensive range of offerings for your I-485 application process, helping you become a lawful permanent resident with expert insight and an efficient approach. 

Immigrant Visa Processing

As you apply for an Immigrant Visa to enter the U.S., our office can serve as your partner throughout the application process and help prepare you for the vital consular interview. 


We develop waiver and exception arguments for green card and naturalization cases that have been stalled due to ongoing travel bans and other immigration restrictions.


As you apply for U.S. citizenship, our office can help you navigate these final steps of your immigration process with comprehensive application preparation services. 

Requests for Evidence

Our office can thoroughly and effectively assist in responding to any Request for Evidence (RFE) or challenge received for your active I-485, Immigrant Visa, or Naturalization application.


We offer limited-scope consultations tailored to provide support for any immigration issue you may face as you apply for permanent residency or citizenship. 

Customization & Flexibility

While we do provide full-scope representation plans across our service offerings for reasonable flat fees, we pride ourselves on being flexible and working with you on shaping your ideal legal service.


Our office is happy to work with you to develop a catered service that best suits your current legal needs and financial situation, whether you are looking for a set of consultations, assistance with a particular aspect of an application process, or help in responding to an immigration challenge.

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